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Nurse Notes

Communicable Diseases                             CCSD Policy:  JHCC

It is the policy of the Board of Education to protect students from any risk of contagion of communicable diseases in the schools governed by the Board. Students showing symptoms of communicable disease, an infectious condition or unusual eruption of the skin, soreness of throat or condition of the eyes, shall be referred to the school nurse. Students having a communicable disease shall be excluded from school and school activities, at least temporarily, as determined by the school nurse. The superintendent, after consultation with the school nurse and/or other medical authorities, shall issue regulations concerning those situations and readmission to school following those conditions, including requiring the student to provide such medical records and/or other evidence as is necessary for the Superintendent to make an informed decision concerning the student's readmission. In the event of a vaccine preventable disease, children ten (10) years or less who are not immunized against the disease, including those having waivers from the state or county health officer, may be excluded from school attendance, but not suspended from school, by the school administrator until the state or county health officer determines that the disease outbreak is terminated. All cases shall be reported to appropriate authorities. 

Students showing symptoms of a communicable disease or infectious condition or illness or disability of a serious nature will be referred to the school nurse who will make judgment in the matter.

Karen Mixon, R.N.