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An image of Ms. Pilcher

Ms. Pilcher

Certified Library Paraprofessional

Our Vision

To instill a love of reading in the students of Crook County School District #1.

To be the welcoming heart of our school where all come to learn, discover, create, and connect. To empower students to be curious, passionate, respectful learners who explore, connect, evaluate, and create.

The library will enable our students to become seekers of ideas and information, while we help nurture an interest in reading, and will encourage a desire for lifelong learning.

Our Mission

We provide a wide range of relevant information and materials, using traditional and innovative methods, for all ages, to promote, encourage and support the diverse needs within our schools. We support and enrich our teacher’s curriculum and ensure the information is accessible to all of our students and staff.

We teach and provide up to date technology to enhance the teaching practices of the staff, and the learning of the students.

We aspire to empower learners to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users of information.

We aspire to empower students to learn technology and 21st-century skills incorporating collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy.

Our Library Media Services:


  • All students have equal access to the library and its resources.

  • The library provides access to high-quality resources in a variety of formats that support curricular and instructional goals and respond to diverse student needs and interests.

  • Current technology is available and operable to support multiple learning experiences in the library and remote access to library resources.

  • Librarians facilitate professional dialog and networking among teachers, principals, and other librarians to support continuous improvement of practice. 


Collection Description:

Library staff select materials appropriate to the age and level of the users in our school libraries. We must also consider creating a collection that reflects the diversity of ideas and authors as well as being reflective of the population that our library serves.

Library Hours

Monday’s through Thursday’s, 7:45 AM – 4:15 PM

Hulett School Library is located straight down the hall from the front office, past the cafeteria. The library houses roughly 10,500 titles of picture books, juvenile, middle grade, young adult, and adult materials, including fiction, nonfiction, periodicals, reference, VHS, and DVD’s.


Want to see what we have in our library?

You may search the Hulett School library below.

Hulett School Library