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Hathaway Scholarship

Wyoming Hathaway Requirements


Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are based on a system of Carnegie units of credit earned in grades 9 through 12 and proficiency as measured by the district’s assessment system.  A minimum of 24 credit units will be required for high school graduation.  Credit requirements are as follows:

Carnegie Unit Requirements

4 Units of English
Units of Math
Units of Science
Units of Social Studies. Students must satisfactorily pass an examination on the
principles of the United States Constitution and the Wyoming State Constitution.
(W.S. 21-9-102)
2 Units of Physical Education & Health. One unit must be obtained in a regular P.E. and
health class. One-fourth credit may be earned for participation in varsity sports and will
be limited to one unit of credit.
1 Unit of Computer Applications
Unit of Fine Arts
Unit of Foreign Language
Units of Electives


District Assessment System
The district’s) assessment system is based on student performance standards in the nine
content areas (language arts, math, science, social studies, foreign language, PE, health, fine
and performing arts, and career/technical education.)

Other Graduation Information
· Students who wish to take courses not offered in the district curriculum, which
includes on-line classes and WEN video classes, or who need a course or courses to
graduate, will be permitted to enroll in non-district classes and/or WEN video classes
approved by the principal. Two units of non-district credit may be used to meet
graduation requirements.
· College courses, with the approval of the principal, may be approved for high school
· Transfer students entering the Crook County High Schools must meet the required
course regulations of the district to graduate. Other graduation requirements
may be waived by the Board if, upon evaluation by the principal of the transcript and
the previous School's graduation requirements, the time element is such that the
student cannot feasibly complete the district requirements and graduate at their normal
class year.
· The Board reserves the right to waive any of the above requirements in cases of
extenuating circumstances.

Legal References: W.S. 21-3-110(a)(xv)
W.S. 21-9-101
Adopted: March 16, 1989                                                             Revised: September 20, 2010
Revised: June 18, 1998                                                                   Revised: December 16, 2013
Revised: September 19, 2000                                                      Revised: November 16, 2015
Revised: April 18, 2002                                                                  Revised: June 20, 2016
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Revised: January 15, 2004