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Senior Checklist

Senior Checklist


  • Review your class schedule to be certain you are taking courses relevant to post high plans.  Be aware of college preparatory requirements.


  •  Review your transcript to make sure you have met all of Hulett High School graduation requirements.  Requirements can be found in the Hulett High School handbook.


  • Review your transcript to make sure you are on track to for the Hathaway Scholarship if you plan to go to a Wyoming college in the future. There are new guidelines regarding weighted credit for college courses taken you will need to be aware of.


  • Take time to find at least three individuals to write you letters of recommendations you can use to gain employment or for scholarships. I have a form available to help with this process. It is appropriate to send a thank you when someone writes you a letter of reference.


  •  Review and discuss the options available to you after graduation:  work force, military, certifications, technical or trade school, junior college, or university.


  •  Young men who turn 18 must register with the Selective Service; failure to do so may result in future problems with financial aid applications.


  • Scholarships are an ongoing process throughout the entire school year; seniors should review those posted often both on the Hulett High School website and on college websites of the schools you have applied to.


  • The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) will again be offered at HHS in October.  It has an excellent career inventory which is helpful for all students. You can take this assessment as many times as you would like as long as there is a month in between so if you would like to retake the ASVAB in October you may. We are required to share your information with the armed service so you may receive information from the various branches.


  • Seniors are encouraged to retake or retake the ACT in September, October or December.  Test preparation materials are available on the ACT website in addition we have study guides available in the Counseling Office you can check out. Students with documented disabilities may qualify for special accommodations. Fee waivers are available in the Counseling Office.   Information is available at You can take the ACT as many times as you would like. The ACT now has super scores! Check with your programs and schools as to if they allow super score results.




  • Some schools require you to enroll in Remedial English or Math classes at college if you do not meet the minimum ACT English and/or Math sub score(s).


  •  Some seniors may need to take the SAT, especially if you intend to apply to a private or coastal university.


  • Visit college campuses anytime during the school year (Set up appointments through the Admissions Office on that campus or attend special “Senior Days”). You are allowed two excused visits for the military and/or collleges.601049


  •  Representatives from various colleges and military branches visit HHS throughout the year.  Arrange to visit with a representative.  Parents are encouraged to come as well. This may be virtual again this year.


  •  Send off school application forms before December!


  • Get involved in the GEAR UP program. New information is out.


  •  Some senior athletes may need to apply to the NCAA or NAIA.  Be aware of college athletic eligibility requirements. and/or


  •  To qualify for financial aid in college, complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st!  We will have a Financial Aid Night to assist you and your families with this.  The correct website for financial aid is


  • Take advantage of Dual Enrollment through EWC. The schedule of days our representative will be here is posted.


  •  Please remember to order announcements, cap, tassel and gown.


  • Get your senior pictures to Ms. VanSickle for the class composite and newspaper.


  • Utilize Power School Portal to ensure your GPA is as high as possible and/or that you are successfully completing your required courses.